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A one of a kind establishment renowned as the premier destination for all your rug needs, setting itself apart as the only rug plant of its kind in the surrounding area.

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Located in the South East of Kent, our family-operated enterprise is dedicated to delivering exceptional rug cleaning services. With years of industry expertise and our state of the art machinery, we’re committed to rejuvenating the beauty and durability of your rugs, irrespective of their size, material, or style.

At The Rug Sanctuary

We recognise that your rugs are more than just decorative accents, they’re valuable investments deserving our expert attention. That’s why we’ve dedicated ourselves to investing in cutting edge equipment and methods to guarantee your rugs receive the treatment they deserve. Whether it’s a delicate antique rug, a family heirloom or a contemporary thick pile shaggy rug, rest assured, we have the competence to handle it with the utmost care.

Our rug cleaning process begins with a thorough 52 point pre-inspection to determine the best cleaning approach for your specific rug. We then use advanced machinery to remove embedded dirt, dust and allergens, while being gentle enough to preserve the integrity of the fibres. Our cleaning solutions are eco-friendly and safe for both your family, pets and the environment.

We provide a unique rug cleaning service that goes beyond just surface cleaning with a carpet cleaning machine and does more than just get your item(s) soaking wet. Our thorough processes ensure superior results, whether you have a traditional, modern, or antique rug.

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what we do

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